How Long Does a GoPro Battery Last? (10 Tips To Extend The Battery Life)

Hey there, friends! Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s crucial for all you adventurers and memory-makers out there – GoPro battery life.

We all love capturing those breathtaking moments, but nothing’s more frustrating than a dead battery just as the action heats up. So, let’s get into it and figure out how you can make the most out of your GoPro’s battery!

GoPro Batteries: The Basics

How Long Does a GoPro Battery Last and 10 Tips To Extend The Battery Life

GoPro batteries are designed for action-packed filming. Generally, you’d get about 60 minutes of recording time.

But hey, it’s not just a stopwatch running; several factors can influence this duration. The video mode you choose, the temperature around you, and the settings you tweak on your camera play vital roles. The good news? Adjust these factors, and you might squeeze out up to another 30 minutes!

Comparing GoPro Models: Battery Life and More

Table 1: GoPro Models and Battery Specs

When choosing a GoPro, knowing its battery life and capacity is like knowing how much fuel your car can hold and how far it can take you. Here’s a quick look at different GoPro models and their battery specs.

ModelBattery LifeCapacityBattery Model
Hero12 Black70-150 minutes1720mAhSPBL1B
Hero11 Black Mini70 minutes1500mAhEmbedded
Hero11 Black73 minutes1720mAhSPBL1B
Hero10 Black90 minutes1720mAhSPBL1B
Hero9 Black90 minutes1720mAhSPBL1B
Hero8 Black70 minutes1220mAhAJBAT-001
GoPro Max85 minutes1600mAhACBAT-001

Author Note:

Did you notice how the battery capacity and model can impact the recording time? Choosing the right model for your adventure needs can make a big difference. Remember, a longer-lasting battery means more memories captured!

Table 2: Battery Life While Recording

Now, let’s look at how long these GoPro batteries last while you’re actually recording. It’s like knowing how long you can keep the party going before needing a recharge!

GoPro ModelRecording Time
GoPro HERO12 (Enduro Battery)155 minutes (1080p/30fps)
GoPro HERO11 (Enduro Battery)120 minutes (1080p/30fps)
GoPro HERO1083 minutes (HyperSmooth High)
GoPro HERO997 minutes (HyperSmooth High)
GoPro HERO881 minutes
GoPro MAX115 minutes

Author Note:

These numbers show just how much recording time you have in different scenarios. Imagine you’re capturing the sunset from a mountain peak. The HERO12 with the Enduro Battery could be your best pal, lasting through the changing hues. It’s all about matching the battery life to your adventure’s duration!

How To Extend GoPro Battery Life (10 Tips)

Let’s continue into how you can keep your GoPro running longer and make sure you never miss a moment!

By following these tips, you can significantly extend the life of your GoPro’s battery, ensuring you capture every moment of your adventures. Remember, it’s all about balance.

You might need to trade off some features for longer battery life, but it’s worth it to keep those memories rolling.

1. Maximum Video Performance

GoPros are known for their stellar video quality. But high resolution and frame rates can be power-hungry.

If you’re after top-notch image quality and don’t mind the battery trade-off, by all means, shoot in the maximum video performance mode. Think of it like a sports car in full throttle – stunning performance, but it’ll use more fuel.

2. Extended Battery Mode

This is the ‘eco mode’ for your GoPro. By optimizing video resolution and frame rate, this setting helps you get the most out of your battery. It’s like choosing a more fuel-efficient driving mode in your car. The quality is still great, but you’ll get more mileage.

3. Tripod / Stationary Video Setting

When your GoPro is stationary, like during live streams or long video shoots, this setting is your best friend. It balances resolution and frame rates for situations where the camera isn’t moving much. It’s similar to setting your car on cruise control on a smooth road.

4. Update the Firmware

Just like updating your phone, keeping your GoPro’s firmware updated can introduce battery optimization improvements. It’s like getting a tune-up for your car – ensuring everything’s running as efficiently as possible.

5. Auto Power Off Setting

This handy feature turns off your GoPro when it’s not in use. It’s a great way to save battery, especially if you’re prone to forgetting to turn off your camera. Think of it as the ‘auto sleep’ function on your TV.

6. Minimize Indicator Lights and Sounds

Turning off the red indicator and beeping sounds can save a surprising amount of battery. It’s a small change, but every little bit helps. It’s like turning off unnecessary lights in your house to save electricity.

7. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

While these features are great for convenience, they drain battery life. Turn them off when you’re not using them to extend your battery life. It’s akin to turning off your car’s AC when you don’t need it.

8. Skip the Remote and Smartphone App

Using a remote or your smartphone app can be a drain on your GoPro’s battery. If possible, operate your camera manually to save power. It’s like walking over to change the TV channel instead of using the remote – old school, but effective.

9. Keep the LCD Screen Off

The LCD screen consumes a lot of power. If you can manage without it, keep it turned off. It’s similar to reading a book with natural light instead of using a lamp.

10. Extra Batteries or an Extended Battery Pack

When all else fails, having spare batteries or an extended battery pack is the ultimate solution. It’s like carrying a jerry can of fuel on a long road trip – a surefire way to keep going.

What Are The Best Accessories To Extend GoPro Battery Life?

Let’s talk about the best accessories that can keep your GoPro running longer and ensure that you capture every thrilling moment!

1. Enduro Battery: A Game-Changer for Cold Adventures

GoPro Enduro Battery - Best Accessories To Extend GoPro Battery Life

If you’re a fan of winter sports or love hiking in chilly conditions, the Enduro Battery is your GoPro’s best friend. Launched in November 2021, this battery is specifically designed to improve cold weather run times – perfect for snow season enthusiasts!

Here’s what the Enduro Battery offers for HERO12 Black users:

  • In Cold Temperatures (14°F / -10°C):
    • 56 minutes of 5.3K60 video
    • 50 minutes of 4K120 video
    • 76 minutes of 4K60 video
    • 115 minutes of 1080p30 video
  • In Moderate Temperatures (77°F / 25°C):
    • 60 minutes of 5.3K60 video (28% improvement)
    • 51 minutes of 4K120 video (40% improvement)
    • 71 minutes of 4K60 video (13% improvement)
    • 120 minutes of 1080p30 video

Pro Tip: When I’m winter hiking in Colorado, where temperatures can drop to near zero, I keep several fully charged Enduro batteries in a fanny pack with a couple of hand warmers. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure your GoPro stays warm and powered up!

2. Volta (4900 mAh External Battery Grip)

GoPro Volta - Best Accessories To Extend GoPro Battery Life

The Volta, released by GoPro, isn’t just a battery; it’s a multi-functional accessory that revolutionizes how you use your camera.

Features of the Volta include:

  • Extended Battery Life: A built-in 4900 mAh battery triples the normal battery life of your GoPro. You get over 4 hours of 5.3K recording at 30fps, and even more at lower resolutions.
  • Integrated Camera Buttons: These make it easy to control your GoPro with one hand while it’s attached to the grip.
  • Wireless Remote Capabilities: Detach the Volta and use it as a remote control from up to 98 feet away. Perfect for group shots or selfies.
  • Built-in Tripod Legs: Handy for setting down your GoPro for time-lapse footage or stationary shots.
  • Weather Resistance: The Volta is designed to withstand rain and snow, making it ideal for all-weather adventurers.

With accessories like the Enduro Battery and Volta, you can ensure that your GoPro keeps up with your adventures, no matter how long or intense. These accessories are not just power extenders; they enhance your GoPro’s functionality, making it an even more versatile tool for capturing your life’s best moments.

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Conclusion: Keep the Adventure Going!

Happy filming, and remember, the best part of any adventure is not just in capturing it, but in living it! Keep exploring, keep recording, and most importantly, keep enjoying every moment.

Remember, adventures are about the experience, not just the footage. So while it’s great to have those memories recorded, don’t forget to take a moment, look around, and soak in the beauty of the world with your own eyes.

Your GoPro’s battery life isn’t infinite, but the memories you make and the stories you’ll tell are. Happy adventures!

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