Infinite White Background – How To

In three very simple steps, this is our simple guide to creating an effective infinite white background.

3 Key Points to Remember for infinite white:
1) Light and Over Expose the background – light light light!
2) Pull your subject away from the background
3) Light your subject separately and adjust as needed.

We start with a white seamless paper backdrop on a backdrop stand. Using paper instead of cloth leaves no wrinkles for shadows to appear. These tips will also help you put together a better Green Screen for keying out subjects.

For lighting we’re using 6 fairly inexpensive CFL (compact fluorescent) lights. Each CFL Light has 5 bulbs and light output can be adjusted by turning off the individual bulbs within. Each head has a dedicated softbox and two layers of diffusion for flat even lighting. The lighting kit also comes with all the bulbs needed. These were from Amazon, but they can also be found via ebay here: CFL Lighting Kits + Softbox for Video Lighting

It’s possible to build this entire setup with white fabric, and cheap halogen shop lights or household tungsten bulbs, but after you add everything together, these CFL’s don’t seem like such a bad deal. Especially since they won’t generate as much heat or draw excessive power that can blow out household fuses. Below are some helpful links to the products used.

 2000 WATT Digital Photography Lighting Studio

Photography Studio Background Stand with Crossbars + Case

 Seamless Paper Backgrounds

Oliver Mackey

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