The Yongnuo YN-560 Speedlight Flash for Canon and Nikon

Looking to beef up the flash on your cameras, but not a seasoned professional (yet)? The Yongnuo brand Speedlights are a great alternative to paying the high prices of OEM flashes, and very popular for both Nikon and Canon. The latest Yongnuo YN-560 Speedlight flash adds more features than previous models and has so far received an Amazon average 5 star rating from 16 reviews. At less than a quarter the price of a similar Canon Speedlte, it’s a good start for most hobbyists learning flash photography. Reading up more online from other sources, the overall the positive reviews for this speedlight flash outweigh the negative. I gathered the consistent pros and cons from actual users – so here they are.

– the flash feels solid even though made of plastic.
– very effective for the price.
– controls are well laid out and with pro features like settings save on power down.
– external battery pack connector.
– motorized ‘zoom’ via two buttons.
– pull out diffuser for front flash and bounce card for up flash.
– manual control (full to 1/128th power w/micro adjustments between stops, zooms from 24-105mm).
– two variants of optical slave control built in – one simple and the other which ignores pre-flash, this can be helpful if you don’t have wireless receivers.
– power save mode by holding ‘sound’ button.
– pc connector plus hot shoe.
– has remote ‘s1′ and ‘s2′ mode.

– the manual has some english translation issues, minor though.
– test button (which is the flash ready led) needs to be pushed a little harder than expected.
– weird interface that is not immediately user friendly but becomes so after study and experience.
– inconsistent recycles both in terms of power and timing (variance in output is more than I’d hope, and even when the power is turned down to 1/64th or 1/128th high speed continuous is hit and miss) but this isn’t an issue when not shooting high frame rate or when half second intervals or longer are employed.
– base/front is so deep that my particular wireless receivers must be powered on/off only when removed from the flash itself, but this isn’t a knock when using other receivers.
– sometimes I turn the annoying beep feature off and it comes back on after restarting the flash.


YN-560 Speedlight Flash for Canon and Nikon




Oliver Mackey

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