GoPro HERO3 vs GoPro HERO2 vs Sony Action Camera HDR-AS15 Comparison Specs

Everyone and their mother seems to be stoked about GoPro’s recent announcement of their latest and greatest GoPro HERO 3 Black Edition action camera, but what does this all translate to for those of us who committed to purchasing the GoPro HERO2 or the Sony HDR-AS15? 
Before you go running to eBay to sell your new step child, let’s take a look at what the HERO 3 really has over the other two action camera contenders. 

Below is a basic specification break down comparison:
GoPro HERO3 vs GoPro HERO2 vs Sony Action Camera HDR-AS15

Also for those of you (like myself) who have been waiting, Wi-Fi Bac Pac and Remote in-hand, impatiently for the release of the FREE GoPro App, it is now available.

Below are two GoPro videos. One shows results with ProTunes (left) and the other is the official GoPro HERO 3 video from GoPro. Expand both to see them in a larger window.

Another add-on option to the GoPro HERO 3 is the touch LCD backpack. This option allows the ability to control the camera via touchscreen and also adds a 3.5mm headphone jack. GoPro has yet to specify the exact capabilities of the LCD backpack so it remains unclear whether this is solely for viewing or if the LCD touchscreen will be capable of monitoring recording.


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