Best portable solar chargers

It is time to welcome solar technology and adopting it in everything we use on a daily basis instead of just investing them on the top of roofs. Are you familiar with the best portable solar charges that cut off your electricity bills and keep your mobile charge even on travelling? For the convenience of […]

Best webcams for streaming

Whether you are a serious game player or want to chit-chat with your friends around the globe, the best webcams for streaming are essential. However, most of the laptops today come up with the last HD cameras installed in them, but the laptops just manufactured for gaming purpose, do not have cameras installed for streaming. […]

Infinite White Background – How To

In three very simple steps, this is our simple guide to creating an effective infinite white background. 3 Key Points to Remember for infinite white: 1) Light and Over Expose the background – light light light! 2) Pull your subject away from the background 3) Light your subject separately and adjust as needed. We start […]

The Yongnuo YN-560 Speedlight Flash for Canon and Nikon

Looking to beef up the flash on your cameras, but not a seasoned professional (yet)? The Yongnuo brand Speedlights are a great alternative to paying the high prices of OEM flashes, and very popular for both Nikon and Canon. The latest Yongnuo YN-560 Speedlight flash adds more features than previous models and has so far received an […]