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It is time to welcome solar technology and adopting it in everything we use on a daily basis instead of just investing them on the top of roofs. Are you familiar with the best portable solar charges that cut off your electricity bills and keep your mobile charge even on travelling? For the convenience of buyers, we come up with the best portable solar chargers reviews to make your buying decision easier.

Dizual Portable solar charger:

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This is the best product for all those who are supporters of the go-green environment. The dizual portable solar charger is the best choice for every person even for hikers because it comes with a loop to attach it with your bag or jeans loop for never-ending charging. You will never be out of charging if there is an emergency. The Dizual solar charger is water resistant to protect it against rainfalls. However, due to its smaller size, it takes up somehow long to save charging. On the other side, its weight of 4 ounces makes it easy to carry the charger with you.

Anker 21w dual USB solar charger:

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Whether you are using Android or Apple’s phones, Anker 21w dual USB solar charger is just made for you. Its folding design is wonderful to make it easy to fold and unfold to carry in the bag. You can lay this mat design best portable solar charger anywhere in the direction of the sun. It includes two USB outputs and provides an 18 months warranty that is more than what a person imagines.  Anker 21w dual USB solar charger offers to charge speed of 3 amperes in ideal condition and 2.4 amperes in non-ideal condition. Do not scare from rainfall because Anker already thought about this and add polyester canvas cover that gives protection against water.

RAV power 16W solar phone charger:

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RAV power 16W solar phone charger comes up to facilities the drivers as well when they are on to travelling. You can adjust the solar charger on your dashboard to charge from solar energy. Moreover, it allows the recharging of two mobile phones at a time.  It is also waterproof and foldable to keep your mobile active even in rains and on hiking. There is smart IC technology that enables the transferring of the perfect amount of power to recharge your device. RAW power solar charger is easy to carry due to its 7-ounce weight.

X-DRAGON solar charger:

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Now it is time to hold the bigger power charger when you are camping with your friends. X-DRAGON is the famous and best option because it offers 22 to 25 percent energy retention as compared to other chargers that provide 15 to 17 percent energy retention. Dual port options allow charging two devices at the same time. You can leave the charger right down in the rain without worrying about the damage because it is weather and water resistant.

Shifting on solar energy in everyday life requires sufficient investment, but in the end, it will be fruitful for you and the environment.

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