Asus Wicast Streaming Wireless HD Video From Camera

The Asus Wicast is a small unit that streams HD video to a remote monitor wirelessly. It’s a much more inexpensive alternative to the Teradek Cube that offeres up more options but comes with a much heftier price tag. As an example, some shooters use the Asus Wicast at weddings to tag team with a wireless follow focus operator. This enables the shooter to focus on the shots and the FF operator to focus on.. well, focusing. This optimizes both the quality of the shots and the focus. The Asus Wicast consists of a transmitter and a receiver that create a network and provide up to 8 channels of audio playback.
Tech specs:
3Gb/s data transfer speed; Less than 1ms latency for seamless, stutter-free playback; Wireless Blu-ray playback; up to 30 feet line of sight range
Wireless Home Digital Interface Technology is the only standard that enables uncompressed Full HD video and audio streaming without wires
WHDI Wireless HDMI technology. 1 x Transmitter, 1 x Receiver, 2 x Adapters, 2 x HDMI cables, 1 x mini USB cable
Transmitter: DC 5V, 2A adapter or USB power Receiver: DC 5V, 2A adapter

Aside from shooting, it looks like gamers are using the hell out of the Asus Wicast along with tech nerds who want to view videos from laptops into other rooms. I haven’t heard of any detected WiFi degradation when used simultaneously with the WiCast nor have I read of any artifacting when playing 1080p movies. I’ve only see razor sharp images when I’ve seen the system in use.

*Cheesycam came up with a DIY 4 AA battery powering solution for portability. #genius.

Here is a look at Jag35′s wireless FF and Asus WiCast setup from Jehu at this year’s NAB.

You can find different HDMI Streaming devices, but the most popular one that people are using is the Asus Wicast found below.

 Wireless HDMI Streaming

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