ALZO Smoothy Pod – Video Stabilizer & Monopod

I took ALZO’s Smoothy Pod out for a test run to see just how this video stabilizer/monopod would perform with a Canon 7D & Canon 16-35mm lens. I personally found it more comfortable to use as a monopod, the 2.5″ gimbaled foot was really, REALLY smooth and articulated in all directions nicely. The Smoothy Pod as a stabilizer wasn’t as successful for me as it was as a monopod. If there was a counterweight or sled at the bottom of the unit, I feel that it probably would perform better. Also, on the rocks I was treading, for someone as small as me (100 lbs.) this particular setup became slightly heavy. This has nothing to do with the actual unit, just my lack of muscles. Tracking shots were easy to get and the Smoothy Pod as a monopod produced footage that I was very happy with. As a stabilizer, if you’re in need of something, this can suffice, however I wouldn’t purchase the Smoothy Pod for primary use as a stabilizer. All in all, I feel that what you get for the dollar amount spent, this unit stands up quite well. The gimbaled foot and the rubber handle are not something that most monopods come with and these features worked for me.

Quick Specs:


  • All Aluminum construction
  • Rubber boot covered smooth gimbaled hand grip
  • Angle adjustable rubber hand grip
  • Unique camera mount allows for 2 dimension balancing
  • Camera mount includes a DSLR camera anti-rotation lock plate



  • Mount includes end screws to prevent camera accidental release
  • 2 textured rubber hand grips
  • Metal leg clamps with tension adjusters
  • 2.5″ diameter gimbaled foot pad provides super traction on all floors



  • Compatible with all DSLR cameras
  • Compatible with most camcorders
  • Maximum camera weight 4 lbs
  • Full EXT height: 66″
  • Collapsed length 27″
  • Weight: 2 lb 10 oz


 ALZO Smoothy Pod Camera Stabilizer

Oliver Mackey

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