ALZO HDMI & Stereo Audio Cord Sets for DSLR VIdeo Rigs

In going through a dry run for a shoot we were prepping for, I realized that the ALZO DSLR Video HDMI and Stereo AUDIO Cable Kit I was using could be a useful tip for some. These HDMI and Stereo Audio Cables have a right angle connector offset to keep the ports on your camera clear. The shortened cord length provides minimal excess to prevent extra feet of dangling cables.

When connecting a DSLR camera to an HDMI monitor or an audio device having short HDMI and stereo audio cords help to keep your setup clean. The mini-HDMI connectors on these ALZO HDMI Cords sport a RIGHT ANGLE that leaves the camera vertically. Other HDMI cords without the offset will stick out and could have a higher probability of being wiggled loose or yanked out (as so many of us have experienced). These cords also include a side jog to prevent blocking other cord ports on the camera.

Because all DSLR cameras do not have the same connector orientation, the 2 ALZO HDMI cords have a right and left connector orientation. Therefore, this cord set will work will all DSLR models. The cord dressings are color coded by red and white.

Right angle Stereo Audio cord with siliconized rubber jacket for superior flexibility and exceptional long life
The Right Angle Offset HDMI cords (red & white) have right & left mini-HDMI
Right Angle connectors improve connection reliability
All cord contacts are GOLD PLATED for a low noise connection
HDMI cords length = 21″
STEREO AUDIO cord length = 18″

ALZO DSLR Video HDMI Right Angle 2 Short Cord Cable Kit White for Canon

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Oliver Mackey

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