85mm f/1.4 Lens Comparison: Rokinon v. Sigma

After getting our hands on the Sigma and the Rokinon 85mm f/1.4 lenses, we were able to truly assess what the main pros and cons and performance differences were between the two in a side by side video and photography comparison. Here’s a look at some examples shot at F/1.4, F/2.8, F/5.6, F/8, and F/16. The Sigma images are on the Left and the Rokinon samples are displayed on the right. Click any image for a closer view.

Sigma @ F/1.4 & Rokinon @ F/1.4

Sigma @ F/2.8 & Rokinon @ F/2.8

Sigma @ F/5.6 & Rokinon @ F/5.6

Sigma @ F/8 & Rokinon @ F/8

Sigma @ F/16 & Rokinon @ F/16

The Sigma 85mm 1.4 is a large aperture, medium-telephoto lens with an extremely fast shutter speed. The Sigma performs exceptionally under low lighting conditions and is ideal for portrait photography. Sigma’s 85mm also provides autofocusing, where the Rokinon does not. The Sigma has a nine blade circular diaphragm which produces beautiful and smooth bokeh and can focus in as close as 12 inches from the lens. It also comes with a petal-type hood. The Sigma 85mm is designed for use with full frame digital cameras.

Auto focus
Sharp focus and creamy bokeh
Super fast shutter speed
Focal distance – 12 inches
Compatible w/full frame and cropped digital cameras

Rokinon’s 85mm 1.4 lens also gives you a medium telephoto field of view which is ideal for portraits. The Rokinon 85mm lens does not have auto focusing so only manually focus is possible. For photographers who require a quick autofocus, the Rokinon my not be the best option since auto focusing is not an option. This is, on the other hand, a cheaper option for videographers who normally shoot in manual. The Rokinon 85mm lens has a minimum focal length of 40 inches and also produced creamy, soft bokeh. This Rokinon comes with a standard lens hood. For still photos we found that the focus isn’t as sharp as the Sigma 85mm and at times provided different exposures at smaller apertures. This lens is still very sharp for the money and would best be suited for Videographers who want a fast manual lens that can perform well in low lighting on a budget.

Cream bokeh
Good deal for videographers
Compatible w/full frame and cropped digital cameras
No auto focus
Focal distance – 40 inches

 Sigma 85mm F/1.4 Autofocus Prime Lens


Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 Manual Focus Manual Aperture

Oliver Mackey

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