4DSLR Zoom H4N Cradle and Manfrotto Tripod Stud

When we’re recording OTech videos, the audio tree we use is ever changing. What is an audio tree? Normally for us this is a light stand with a media mount, a friction arm and wireless mic receivers. The orientation and products change out but it’s a constant given that we’re trying new ideas to keep a clean audio tree. Enter the 4DSLR cradle. 4DSLR reached out to me and sent their product over for a review. It’s a straight forward accessory piece that has a 1/4 20″ stud on the back. Since this cradle is made specifically for the Zoom H4N, the first convenient characteristic I noticed was that we had full access to all of the controls on the audio recorder while it was in the cradle.

Картинки по запросу 4DSLR Zoom H4N Cradle and Manfrotto Tripod Stud

The plastic tips held the Zoom in place and because the stud on the back is also a 15mm rod, we had even more mounting options to choose from. Coupled with our P&C friction arm, we had our cleanest audio setup to date. If you’re rigged up and have a Zoom H4N that you need to mount, the 15mm rod on the cradle seriously expands your options and cuts down on having to connect adaptations.

The Manfrotto adaptor is something I haven’t seen yet. Prior to playing around with this adaptor, I didn’t know that the female threading on the Manfrotto 501, 503, 701 and 703 is not a 1/4 20″ fit. The pitch is slightly smaller. With 4DSLR’s Manfrotto adaptor, you now have not only a true 1/4 20″ female thread- you also have a 15mm rod. We attached the Zoom H4N cradle onto the tripod and it was another option for us to cut down on setting up multiple light stands for audio.

You can check out 4DSLR’s website www.4DSLR.com for more information on the Zoom H4N Cradle, the Manfrotto Tripod Adaptor and other products.


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