277 LED Light by Socanland

The 277 LED light from Socanland is a great LED light addition for your video bag. The first thing you’ll notice is the build quality. It’s a solid feeling as this is built from sturdy metal, but it’s small so overall weight is just under 16 ounces. The stand out feature for this light compared to the mainstream is the ability to switch from from 3200K to 5600K color temperatures. This light doesn’t allow you to mix colors though, like some other color changing LED panel lights I’ve reviewed, but it is much cheaper and feels like a better build. A dimmer switch allows you to dim the light down to 0%.


Battery+Charger for Sony NP Batteries

The 277 LED can be powered through a single Sony NP compatible battery or DC in. The light is not packaged with a Sony battery or charger, but compatible battery + chargers are fairly inexpensive. An optional D-Tap power cable is also provided if you need to power the lights through other batteries.

 277 LED Video Light 3200k 5600k Dimmable

Oliver Mackey

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